[NAFEX] Kaki Streaks and Problems

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Fri May 23 18:21:18 EDT 2003

Thought I'd share the last email info from Clemson on the Kaki syndrome.  
Sounds like its the Typical Sudden Death deal - no one really knows what or why.  
If its not a virus that's good news, but I'm baffled about this idea that 
environmental stress would selectively kill one tree?  The black streaks in the 
tissue of the tree seem to be another debatable item.  Now I'll have to start 
peeling a few branches of healthy trees to make sure that this isn't just What 
Kakis Do.  Anyway, here's the last of the email discussion FYI for those 
others of you with Kaki persimmons.

>>>This streaking symptom is also seen in other stressed kaki trees which do 
not die from this decline. Thus, I believe these symptoms are NOT exclusively 
exhibited on trees with this fatal decline syndrome. The black streaks are 
likely depositions which I can't comment specifically on right now. All of my 
comments today have been observations with limited supporting data. For this 
reason, please do not pass my emails on to others as they may misconstrue the info 
as proven "fact". In addition, I struggle to handle the amount of inquiries I 
get now and do not have staff to help out. I technically am not paid to work 
on minor fruit crops thus I prefer to remain low key about these things. Hope 
your other kakis continue to do well.<<<

There you have it.  Hope someone somewhere is getting sunshine....

in the mudpit that was formerly Virginia Beach strawberry fields.....

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