[NAFEX] persimmon death

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Fri May 23 09:13:03 EDT 2003

At 07:07 PM 5/21/2003 -0500, Donna wrote:
>Lucky has sent me a number of native persimmons to graft onto existing
>saplings.  Two scions were from kaki x native trees, Geneva Long and

Geneva Long has been postulated by some(John Gordon, in particular) to be a 
D.v.XD.kaki hybrid, but no one has done the genetic analysis to confirm 
it.  Likewise, Prok, another large-fruited selection has been suggested by 
some to be a hybrid.  Geneva Long, in my orchard, is tending to have a 
shorter, more densely branching growth pattern, similar to the known 
hybrids, Rosseyanka and Keener.
Got my Keener scions from Cliff England a couple of years back, and they 
had black streaks running all through the wood/cambium.  Can't recall at 
this point in time if I had any problems with any of the grafts, but I've 
got at least two healthy young Keeners growing in their permanent locations 
at the present.  Keener looks good, but Rosseyanka had quite a bit of 
dieback - most of last year's growth didn't leaf out, but it's putting out 
vigorous new shoots from 2-yr wood.

>  Actually my definition of a good persimmon tree was  one that
>someone else mows under, till I discovered that there are indeed some really
>bad persimmons out there.
Indeed, there are.  Most of the ripe natives I've ever sampled were pretty 
good, and I can't say that I can really ascertain any particular difference 
in taste, though the '816' tree I routinely gather from(might be Early 
Golden or Meader, as it's sort of a 'specimen' tree in the middle of a 
small residential yard up the street from my office, with a number of other 
fruit trees in the backyard) are sweeter than any other I've had a chance 
to eat - and usually is dropping ripe fruits around 20 Sept.  There is one 
tree that I've watched on my trips back and forth to main campus(120 mile 
round trip) that produces big, flattened fruits that hang well on the tree, 
but even after repeated freeze/thaw cycles, they're still 'spitters'.  Yuk!


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