[NAFEX] desease resistant apple

John Jourdan jourdanj at foxinternet.com
Mon May 19 21:12:12 EDT 2003

During the late 1980s and early 1990s I planted about 18 different varieties
of disease resistant apples to see how they would do in my area.  I live in
Zone 4 just a few miles east of St Paul, Minn.
Three of the trees died during their first 2 winters, three or four needed a
longer growing season to properly mature the fruit.  Some had poor quality
fruit.  One was prone to disease (although resistant to scab).
At least four turned out to be real winners.  Perhaps the best of these was
the test variety NY 75414-1 (Liberty X Macspur). It is more highly flavored
than Liberty and has more attractive fruit. it has a crop every year but
does not overproduce like Liberty so does not require a lot of thinning and
has larger apples. It ripens about a week before Liberty so could probably
be grown farther north.
Two years ago I read somewhere that this apple was going to be named  and
released.  Since then I have not heard a thing about it nor have I seen it
listed for sale by any nursery.
Does anyone have  any information about this apple? 

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