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Judith Miller paradisegds at yahoo.com
Sun May 18 12:15:01 EDT 2003

Can someone recommend to me a source of lining out stock for fruit trees?  I am searching for grafted liners or small whips to grow on and offer from my nursery; specifically looking for such as Almata, Pink Pearl, etc.  Arthritis means no grafting for me but I still would love  to offer treats like that to my customers along with my musk strawberry plants, etc.  I have done some on-line searching and end up with only a very few large retailers.  Is that all there is?  And where did Bear Creek Nursery go?
Judy in drizzly snowy thundery north Idaho

Judith Miller
Paradise Gardens Rare Plant Nursery
Bonners Ferry Idaho USA Zone 4 Mintemp -25F (-31C)http://www.rareplantnursery.net
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