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Hi Doc,
    Seems like most of the hawthornes get this.  I've been told that sometimes it is Quince rust.  We get it on some of our mayhaws, but worst on the Chinese haws..  On the Mayhaw it can affect leaves and sometimes short ends of branches, causing short pieces of branch to die or leaves to get black areas.  On Chinese haws it can form a gall on a branch and kill everything beyond the gall.  Never kills the tree, just small branches up to pencil size.  And it badly deforms fruit on the Chinese haws.  
    In short, it hasn't been serious enough to worry about on Mayhaws here, but serious on Chinese haws.  
    Hector Black zone 6 middle TN
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        My Mayhaw has finally produced a few berries but some of them have a tumorous-like growth with what appears to be fungal spore containers growing on them.  Cedar apple rust is common here. Think maybe it could be that?  It looks kinda like it the growths of CAR which I've seen on cedars.  Never saw the growth on apples, just specks on the leaves.
        Doc Lisenby
        Zone 7/8
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