[NAFEX] mulberry/ juneberries, status report

Lucky.Pittman Lucky.Pittman at murraystate.edu
Wed May 14 13:17:30 EDT 2003

Rarely do any mulberries make it back to the house, but I have, on a couple of 
occasions, MADE the kids pick a quart or two to make pies with.  The kids and 
I usually just congregate around the trees and graze 'til we pick 'em all, or 
get full.
The two young M.alba seedlings -one was supposed to be a named variety, the 
other was supposed to be M.rubra - but neither are what they were purchased as 
- are ripening a few fruits here and there - picked a few while I was mowing 
last weekend.  Illinois Everbearing and Collier are turning red, and the young 
"Packy" from scions Gordon sent me a couple of years back is ripening a few 
berries this year.
Checked my juneberries this morning - there'll be some ready to pick - if the 
birds don't get 'em first - within a week.

Even my pluot set a few fruits this year - 'course, the curculios have already 
been at work on them.  
Evans and Montmorency cherries are bearing good crops this time - haven't 
looked at 'em in a week or so, but don't suspect that they're ripening just 
Sparse bloom and fruit set on any of the apples - some bloomed last fall, 
after severe drought stress followed by good late summer/early fall rains
Pears have set decent crops, and I think we had enough frost during/after 
bloom, that I won't need to do much thinning(like I ever do it anyway) on my 

Lucky Pittman
Hopkinsville, KY

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