[NAFEX] Re: nafex Online Exchange Page

Horticulture Ventures hortventures at cox.net
Sun May 11 13:22:10 EDT 2003

I thought this list was not owned (sponsored) by the NAFEX organization.

Assuming that this is correct, there is no reason for the board of 
directors of NAFEX to be involved.

I believe that the NAFEX board has made it quite clear they have no 
desire to join the electronic generation and offer membership benefits 
via the web. This is especially true of publishing the newsletter 
electronically despite an article discussing the need for a small 
increase in dues because of the cost to produce and distribute POMONA. 
If some members refuse to pay this small and necessary increase, total 
membership will continue recent year's trend of declining.

The success of establishing a WIKI has been proven very successful in 
several other organizations to which I belong.

Eventually the relatively small  numbers of  new members and an aging 
population in gardening/plant organizations will make it very expensive 
to publish printed materials and a nonprofit mailing permit's slow 
delivery costs continue to rise. The combination of costs absorb all of 
the membership revenues and forces them to spend a lot of time in fund 
raising to augment the membership revenues unless drastic increases of 
dues are approved.

Establishing a WIKI site may actually offer a way to prove that an 
electronic presence is the wave of the future. I urge such a project to 
be established as soon as possible.

Incidentally, many of the groups use a WIKI to establish pages of 
questions, answers, and photos organized by species and subdivided by 
clutivars if necessary. I guess geographic considerations and other 
criteria could be useful too.

That just my opinion.

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

Lon J. Rombough wrote:

> I have another list on the same server that handles NAFEX, 
> .ibiblio.org, and the person who set it up has shown me how it would 
> be possible to set up what is known as a WIKI, which would be a site 
> where the members themselves can post to the site.  This would make an 
> exchange page very simple as anytime a member had something to offer, 
> they could go post it themselves.
> The decision to have such a thing set up has to be handled by the 
> NAFEX Board of directors, though.
> -Lon Rombough

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