[NAFEX] Raspberry seed offer

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Fri May 9 15:28:58 EDT 2003

That was vintage Lon Rombough.

z5 MI

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   Recently there was a thread from someone looking for raspberries.  In the
course of the discussion, Dr. Parmar from India offered material (seed, I
believe) of a raspberry species from India.  Someone else objected to the
offer as a sort of commercialization.
   Since there are people on this list who are not members of NAFEX, it's
worth pointing out that NAFEX has had a long tradition of an Exchange Page
in it's journal, POMONA, in which members can make plant material available
for trade or for a small price, usually just about enough to pay for the
postage and the member's time in sending it.
   In this case, it seemed that what Dr. Parmar was doing was in the same
spirit as the Exchange Page, since he was hardly posting a huge ad or
demanding an exhorbitant fee, and what he was offering was relevant to the
thread to which it was connected.
   There are many members of NAFEX who have nurseries or large collections
of certain species and I fail to see that there is any harm in them being
allowed to make a modest mention of it.  Certainly it's unobtrusive enough
to note it in the signature.   Most members have enough common sense to know
not to abuse the privalege, and we have a moderator for those rare
individuals that do.
   -Lon Rombough
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