[NAFEX] Rootstock Sources

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Thu May 8 22:54:06 EDT 2003

The folks (Dave Weil in particular) at Tree Connection (
http://www.treeconnect.com/About.html) were most helpful, earlier this spring,
in directing me toward sources of a rather obscure (in this country) rootstock
I was seeking at the time.  It's the kind of thing they do (act as a clearing
house) and seem to do well.  I would think they'd warrant inclusion on your
list; but call 'em and see what you think (1-800-421-4001.)
Gouldsboro, ME (Zone 5), where most apple varieties are at half inch green    

Mauch1 at aol.com wrote:
> I'm compiling a list of sources for rootstocks. Am planning to put the list into an article for Pomona
> I have determined the following retailers of rootstocks
> (Not limited to commercial growers/quantities):
> Raintree Nursery
> Cummins Nursery
> Vintage Virginia Apples
> Trees of Antiquity
> Fedco
> Does anybody have any other sources that they use that I may
> not have been able to find?  Certainly, not a requirement,
> but it would be nice if they had a web presence.
> Chris Mauchline

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