[NAFEX] stooling rootstocks

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It is a form of layering: - a propagation technique where roots are formed prior to the stem being removed                     from the parent plant. 

This link will show you what it suppose to look like... 


Sheridan, IN

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What is stooling and why do you do it?
A curious Doreen Howard

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> You should grow them out for 1 year.  Then, when dormant cut back and
trying stooling on new
> growth next spring.
> Good luck
> Devin Cooper
> del stubbs wrote:
> > Looks I will have a few of various rootstocks (apple pear plum) left
> > after grafting this weekend. I thought to try intentionally stooling
> > Should I cut them off at ground level, or a few inches up, or?
> > thanks, Del
> >
> > Del Stubbs  www.pinewoodforge.com  ag zone2/3

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