[NAFEX] Re: Commercially available small blueberries

Moyer, Richard ramoyer at king.edu
Fri May 2 15:27:57 EDT 2003

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Consider Rubel (Zone 4-7) (info below), Brunswick, Tophat (Zone 3-7).  Each
with small, dark fruit hence very high in antioxidants.  If plants grow or
are managed low enough, can survive the worst freezes under a blanket of

Rubel info from www.fallcreeknursery.com 
After almost 90 years of intensive breeding to make blueberries larger,
lighter blue and thicker skinned we re-introduce Rubel, one of the first
blueberry selections to be named. Despite the hundreds of new varieties
released since 1912, this wild selection continues to be grown in many
areas. Rubel offers consistent yields of small fruit borne on loose
clusters, perfect for machine harvest. Rubel is well liked by processors
because of its clean harvest, uniformly dark color, and low stem count. Food
manufactures covet the small fruit as one of the best for muffins, yogurts,
and dried products. Our newly released Rubel was carefully selected from a
high producing, vigorous bush, thoroughly tested for viruses and
phytoplasmas, and then tissue cultured for uniformity and vigor. We are very
pleased with the results.

Of additional interest to growers is Rubel's extremely high content of
antioxidants, compounds that have been identified as playing a major part in
improving eyesight, lowering cholesterol levels, and preventing cancer. This
recent research has opened new markets for blueberries in general and Rubel
in particular. We recommend Rubel for growers looking to mechanically
harvest yet diversify their product base in the process market

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