[NAFEX] rooting cuttings

Mark Lee markl at nytec.com
Thu May 1 11:47:12 EDT 2003

I read a report at the following link on successfully rooting cuttings from
a difficult to root shrub, Atriplex canescens
http://jrm.library.arizona.edu/data/1997/504/413-418_mei.pdf .  Not
technically a fruit (seeds are edible by humans and animals), I think anyone
in NAFEX that shares my interest in plant propagation will find this
information intersting.

The researchers found that a combination of standard rooting hormone, IBA,
mixed with a little gibberellic acid, GA3, produced a high percentage of
rootings.  I bought GA3 from JL Hudson a few years ago, and have used it in
breaking dormancy of a number of different kinds of seeds.  I think I will
try it on some of my cuttings that are producing lots of callus tissue but
no roots.  The researchers let the callus tissue build up for a month before
adding the IBA/GA3 mix.  Rooting took 3 months.  I guess I need to be
patient.  The researchers also observed that moving some of the shoots from
a sterile environment into dirt was an additional factor that helped induce
roots.  Maybe I will try that too.
-Mark Lee, Seattle, zone 8a

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The last time I took a class in biology was back in junior high.  I wish I
had a chance to study about plants in college, but my career lead in a
different direction.  I have been observing a number of cuttings this spring
as they respond the rooting hormone that I dipped them in.  The grape
cuttings all formed callus tissue followed rapidly by root hairs.  These are
now doing nicely out in the garden.  A number of other plants have produced
a thick layer of callus cells, but no sign of roots.  What does it take for
a cutting to switch modes from callus tissue production to root hair
production?  I hope someone with more advanced training or experience can
answer this mystery.
Mark Lee, Seattle, zone 8a
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