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And the NAFEX Cabal is opposed to speaking about the present crisis in

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Dear all,
    I realize you are all outside in the vastly improved weather, possibley
covering as much as fast as you can in preparation for the return of winter,
but I am wondering if there are any NAFEXers along my route to a class I am
signed up for.  If the class doesn't make, it may occur this fall, so I am
hoping to make the trip eventually.  We'd  have to travel through Knoxville,
up I-81 toward Reston VA.  The class is the last Fri, Sat Sun of April,
can't afford to stay in a motel so would probably camp out if there's nobody
local to visit.  Then I have to wait 4 days till the first Fri,Sat, Sun of
May for the 2nd half of the class.  In between my aunt and uncle want us to
come up to Frederick MD, but they have other overnight guests that first
    My questions, is there anybody along the way who'd like to show off
their garden and trees and put up me and my hubby overnight in return for a
professional massage?  ( I usually have a few plants to spare too)  If you
aren't into the relaxing massage type stuff, I am great at casual massage
work, fully dressed, on the floor with my foot in your back.  At garden club
meetings, people line up for this, as gardeners all tend to suffer from
similar problems.  I suppose now you'll all want me to post my stretches for
gardeners aches and pains, hmm, might should even put it in Pomona.  I have
it in my mail program if any of you are interested.
    Second question, what kind of good things are there for us in that area
to see without going into DC?  The thought of Beltsville MD sounds like fun
to me, but apart from the traffic nightmare to get there, I think Kieran
would be pretty miserable while I pored through antique garden catalogs or
read whatever else they have that caught my fancy.  He would be happy
looking at gardens and civil war stuff though.  Thanks, and may all your
buds and blossoms survive the weekend.   Donna

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