[NAFEX] Root Grafting

Griffin Gardens griffingardens at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 26 11:54:57 EST 2003

 I had some very good results with this last year and especially with Euro
plums on seedlings of St. Julien 'A' root pcs. In our exceptionally long
cold spring, my W&T grafts wouldn't get growing and the scions eventually
dried out and died in large numbers, but these nurse-grafts did much
better. I suppose this is due to the graft union being burried, so with
less exposure it less likely to dry out over time when it has to wait for
the rootstock growth to begin. There were similar results wherever I did
root grafts - Hybrid plums on P.a., Cherry plums on besseyi, everything on
P. salacina 'Manchurica', and peaches on Siberian C - unfortunately, I did
them only where I had a surplus of scionwood as it takes more wood. 
  My intentian is to get most of my trees on there own roots, but I won't
know until I dig them up if I got any self rooting yet. When does this
start to happen? In the first year or later?
  Another discovery (for me) related to this: I lined out the 3" root pcs
and some species sent out suckers and made me a new supply of rootstocks
for this year. Worked best with St.Julian, but also with manchurian
apricot,  P.salacina 'Man" and P.bessei - not at all with SibC.  

in Central Mn, zone 4a

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> Subject: [NAFEX] Root Grafting
>   I am interested in any tips, thoughts and sites on root grafting of
> I have not tried it but not having rootstock to graft to but I have the 
> varieties I need I would like to try root grafting. I have found some
> in books etc. They dig up roots same size as scions use 3 to 6 inch piece
> make graft and bury root and graft in soil.
> Gordon C. Nofs
> Flint, MI.
> Z5
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