[NAFEX] deer fence cost

Sam Franc franc at oregonfast.net
Tue Mar 25 17:41:51 EST 2003

Lucky Pittman wrote:

> My favorite supplier of electric fencing materials, Premier, has some 
> info on deer exclusion fencing at their website, but are not currently 
> stocking materials for 'permanent' deer fence.
> http://www.premier1supplies.com/shttore/fencing.html
> I don't have any first-hand experience doing deer exclusion fencing, 
> but from a cattle/horse/sheep standpoint, electrified high-tensile 
> perimeter fencing is vastly less expensive to install and put up than 
> any combination of woven/net wire &/or barbed wire, easier to 
> maintain, and in many cases, has a longer lifespan.
> Gotta have a GOOD fence energizer.  Mine cost me about $450 back in 
> '95 - but it puts out 10,000volts when I get all the grounds/shorts in 
> the fence fixed, and is rated to push 'juice' through up to 150 miles 
> of fence.  It really packs a wallop.  A good electric fence is a 
> psychological barrier, but I'm presuming to completely exclude deer, 
> you still need some fairly substantial physical barrier as well.
> Lucky

My deer learned to jump right through my pure electric fence.
So I learned by experience that one needs a physical barrier for our 
deer here.
They learn fast.

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