[NAFEX] Grow fruit higher than deer can reach?

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 25 14:55:57 EST 2003

My origional idea 5 years ago was to grow a one acre orchard that the deer 
pruned. However, I could see no way to grow the trees above deer's reach 
without fencing them first, so I did this last fall. The trees were in 
chicken wire cages till then, they are about 6' tall.
Then I thought about being 70 years old and climbing up a 16' 3-legged 
ladder on a steep hillside.........and decided to prune 'em closer to the 
I still have plenty of flat land suitable to tall apples so am interested in 
the tall tree tubes, didn't know there were 6' ones. My thoughts about 
'skinny tree weakness' (caused by a tree not waving in the wind) would be to 
double stake it once it is 8', and slowly let out the binder that wraps the 
tree between the stakes. No?
I think chicken wire would stop any velvet rubbing / trunk chewing deer.
Wouldn't a wash in a weak clorox type solution rid any dropps from e.coli?
One post commnented that cattle are good for an apple tree, isn't their soil 
compaction a real problem?
A useful thread, Del

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> > So, what's your opinion?    Possible?   Practical or impractical?
>If you can create a mini-bramble thicket around the young trees, they will
>grow with a better form and less deer damage on the way to being savannah
>climax trees- this is essentially what you can see happening in untended
>And the final result will be what you see in many pastures; cows are
>actually quite good at increasing fertility in the shade of a (HUGE) apple
>And tagging back to fruit trees for timber- you'll get a 6-8ft saw log in
>the end.
>It'll work quite well until we successfully reintroduce elephants to N.
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