[NAFEX] Grow fruit higher than deer can reach?

lutesville lutesville at cox.net
Tue Mar 25 14:40:17 EST 2003

> it. These days we would also have a complication as raw manure
> applications too close to harvest are discouraged due to the new e-coli
> versions; this would be less of a problem if your orchard is all
> harvested over a relatively limited length of time.

Interesting thread here. I understood that fecal material wasn't a problem
with tree fruits, as the fruit is held sufficiently above the ground to
prevent contamination. Just don't pick up the windfalls to eat.

Sheep are ground feeders, and not likely to chew on the trees, but the same
can't be said of deer and goats. Deer will scrape away bark from mature
trees and eat the inner bark. I had 2 bare, 15-year-old peach tree trunks to
prove it, too. This is in a heavily infested area. The deer take all my
plums and cleaned out over 150 tomato plants along with the rest of my
garden the last year I tried. We put up two four foot fences, one above the
other, and finally got some reliefe. It still didn't stop the critters, and
they all know I can't shoot straight.

Joyce, Oklahoma cold zone 6/7, heat zone 7/8/ sunset garden zone 33/35,
sitting solidly on any line you choose.

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