[NAFEX] Berry Wire

Keith Benson kgbenson at mindspring.com
Sat Mar 22 17:30:38 EST 2003

Mauch1 at aol.com wrote:
> I've adopted a method for trellising berries from a friend that's 
> non-standard, but I like it.  It's easy, and eliminates tying up canes.
> Buy the green metal garden stakes from your garden supplier and either
> 6" square galvanized fencing (or reinforcing mesh from concrete would 
> work as well).  Put in the garden stakes on either side of your berry
> row, and then suspend the fence horizontally between the stakes.  the
> canes grow up through the fencing and are supported.  I believe
> this works for everything, but the truly trailing blackberries.
> Good luck,
> Chris Mauchline
> SE PA, zone 6
> 40° 5' N    75° 51'W
> ~650 ft elevation
>>hello all,
>>I am putting up a trellis for some blackberries and was wondering what 
>>kind of wire folks would suggest?
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