[NAFEX] Fruit trees for timber

Erdman, Jim ErdmanJ at uwstout.edu
Fri Mar 21 10:04:41 EST 2003

Oh oh--another species to think about planting.  Anyone aware of problems with trying persimmon in Western Wisconsin?
Jim Erdman, in Menomonie, WI

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	Persimmon survives and fruits in an area west of Madison, WI that's
	seen -40F.  I saw trees that were 25ft tall with an 8 inch bole there.
	While I can't imagine that you could compete with southern trees in a
	commecial market, if you are a hobbyist tree farmer/woodcarver it certainly
	would be fun to try seedling persimmons.  Ken Asmus at Oikos sells seedlings
	from early fruiting/northern origin trees.  I'm sure that others do, too.
	Take a walk on the wild side!
	Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI   USDA zone 3

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