[NAFEX] invasive exotics redux

miekal and dtv at mwt.net
Mon Mar 17 16:36:26 EST 2003

In this conversation about some of my favorite "invasive" plants like 
black locust, polygonum, & comfrey I can't help thinking about the 
invasive exotics that I'm worried about myself, which are things like 
atvs, snowmobiles, real estate speculation, land use policy & 
development & tunnel vision plant fanaticism.  I don't think a 
conscious permaculture designer would stick black locust in a possible 
prairie remnant but when I look at fields around here that have been 
clearcut 2-4 times in the last 200 years & had corn & npk for the last 
50, I hear that land screaming for massive inputs of diversity, & 
whether the diversity models nature from the time of the last ice age 
or when there used to be ginkgos growing here a half million years ago 
or some new sense of  balance that acknowledges that humans are now 
part of the "native" landscape & its time to think outside the box, 
time to create self-intelligent models of bio-diverse Food Forests 
which evolve coincidentally with human's use or abuse of them.


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