[NAFEX] site visits

miekal and dtv at mwt.net
Mon Mar 17 15:59:23 EST 2003

I notice there are a lot of NAFEXers within driving distance of me & 
was thinking how grand it would be to set something up where we could 
visit each other's sites.  Typically I can't leave here a lot once the 
season begins but I would love to venture out to a couple places within 
a few hours of me & observe, listen & perhaps trade material.   live in 
a small informal anarchist community &  I am constantly giving tours of 
the gardens here anyway; you all are invited to stop by if you happen 
to be in the area.  Sundays in the summer are good, but always contact 
me ahead of time to arrange a time.  Only condition is you have to lay 
a couple of your timeworn secrets on me......



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