[NAFEX] grape vs. kiwi training and pruning

rob hamilton lostman_amiga at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 17 07:37:04 EST 2003

I have been reading Lon J. Rombough's grape growing
book.  (nice book by the way) I have not had an
interest in growing grapes before reading this book. I
just bought the book because I see Lon post quite a
bit of wisdom here and I wanted to support a fellow
member, but I think this book is changing my mind. I
might try to find a place for one...but I digress.

Because of my reading of the second chapter,  I am
finally beginning to understand that I need to be more
aggressive with my pruning/training techniques when it
comes to my hardy kiwi vines. I am told that the
method is the same as with grapes.

Are there in kiwi growers on here that care to talk
about any differance they noticed in pruning/training
methods when it comes ot kiwi?

Zone 7b  Atlanta, GA

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