[NAFEX] Hmmm...what am I missing

Joe and Ellen Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Sun Mar 16 19:23:15 EST 2003

>>I must be missing something here.   If apple trees breaking at the graft
> union are a major concern why not just drive a metal splice across the
> graft union?   

That will probably work for simple bending but will not be adequate for 
torsional (or twisting) stresses.  An earlier post mentioned a need for 
three posts to address twisting.

Regarding Black Locust.  Fast grower but not very shade tolerant.  Some 
people claim it has allopathic effects that dwarf Black Walnut.  I am 
pollarding mine instead of coppicing.  I want to see if I can avoid 
heavy suckering.

I see different species and cultivars the way I see the many tools in my 
tool box.  Black Locust is a bit like a ball peen hammer.  There are 
times when no other tool will do.  And then there are times when use of 
the ball peen hammer will cause much damage.

-Joe Hecksel
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