[NAFEX] black locust

Rick Valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Sun Mar 16 01:22:41 EST 2003

Here in Oregon, Black Locust is not native. Yet although the tree grows well
here, it is not a big problem as far as being invasive. Deer will eagerly
consume what they can reach. As far as I have seen, it does not eliminate
other vegetation.  
And, thank the lord, it does not invade wet prairies like Pear does here, or
hybridize with native species, polluting the gene pool, as Apple does here.
(Should cut 'em all down and burn 'em!) Too bad though, that it feeds those
wretched, nectar usurping non-native honeybees, which are nothing but the
invertebrate shock troops of biological imperialism. Them and the
earthworms, which are destroying our ecology from the ground up.
It is the only rot-resistant wood that is feasible to grow here to harvest
size in your lifetime. I have successfully used it in agroforestry systems
for years now. Properly seasoned, the wood is in demand for boat building
and furniture (indoor and out) The wood is not difficult to work green, and
as a beam, it's about the strongest you can get in N. Am. There was a group
in NY state promoting Black Locust forestry, which put out 1 issue of a
"Black Locust Journal" but I don't know what happende to them. I recommend
*Black Locust: Biology Culture and Utilization* (Proceedings of the Intn'l
Conf.) '91, MSU, East Lansing, Mich. There's a New Mexico Locust too, which
has at least one local population of good timber form. As far as fenceposts,
it far outlasts oak.

>> BUT -- plant them where you can mow around the area. They will sucker
>> from the roots and are very invasive. And, the posts are hard to drive
>> staples into; I expect it would be hard to drive nails into black
>> locust lumber.
You can drill and screw it just fine; I get staples into it OK, and
sometimes I drill and drive nails through and clench them- works great. I
only get suckers after felling a tree, or after cutting a root (which I
sometimes do purposefully to spread a grove)

-Rick in Benton Co. OR

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