[NAFEX] Bud 9 and brittle graft unions

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Yep I simply forgot to mention our experiences with Bud.9.  It is
in the same catagory as M9 regarding blowout.  As information, roots
on Bud. 9 are noticably more brittle than M9.

The one odd (and maybe beneficial) thing about Bud. 9 is its general
lack of overgrowth at the budunion.  After a few years, it is sometimes
difficult to fing the bud/graft union.

Re: age when trees become less sensative to breaking.  In our climate where
spring time thunderstorms (and related winds) are severe, I've seen 10 year
old trees snap.


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I put a lot of faith in "them that's doin'" such as Mr Townsend, an
experienced orchardist, who says that there is a problem with Bud 9 and
brittleness but the following questions remain:

Does B9 have more of a problem than other dwarfing rootstocks in its class?
(Reports are that it B9 has the same staking requirements as M9) Ed Fackler,
I noticed you didn't include B9 in your very much appreciated lineup of
rootstocks with their corresponding susceptibility to blow out. Did you
forget or didn't you include B9 in the experiment?

Does this problem continue for the life of the tree or, is one in the clear
after five years or so. (This is what David Bedford said of HC on M26, that
after five years or so the problems of union breakage have diminished.)

How windy does it have to get to create this problem (I have a four year old
unstaked Honeycrisp on B9/111 interstem in a moderately windy site, one that
caused trees on M26 to lean considerably) and so far have not had a problem.
I'm thinking that the average homegrower in the city is not going to have
the problems of the average orchard grower who typically plants in open

Following reports that Honeycrisp (HC) had a problem with union brittleness
on M26 and Mark I called the a couple people to determine if there was also
a problem with B9, including David Bedford of the U of MN,  and who else,
those in charge of the NC 140 trials on B9, I think in MI, (John Cline or
Perry) and was told that there was so far no evidence of blow out problems
on B9 with Honeycrisp or with other cultivars, but, as far as I know they
had not specifically tested for blow out.

Perhaps Mr Townsend could answer some of the aforementioned questions

Kevin Bradley

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