[NAFEX] black locust

road's end farm organic101 at linkny.com
Thu Mar 13 18:49:52 EST 2003

Black locust makes fantastic fenceposts. Untreated black locust will 
outlast a treated post in the ground (and when it finally rots below 
ground level, the  aboveground remains, if used as firewood, have as the 
only drawback that they may overheat your stove if you don't have good 
air intake control). You can cut the posts at desired size and don't 
need to bother replanting; they'll grow back, and for posts can be cut 
every few years.

BUT -- plant them where you can mow around the area. They will sucker 
from the roots and are very invasive. And, the posts are hard to drive 
staples into; I expect it would be hard to drive nails into black locust 

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly

On Thursday, March 13, 2003, at 05:11 PM, tanis cuff wrote:

> Black locust: chances are your neighbor's grove will eventually invade 
> your property, so don't invest too much in new trees of your own.  
> Except maybe for genetic diversity.  BL are GREAT firewood, and the 
> blossoms are good bee forage.  And I hear unsubstantiated rumors that 
> there is a growing demand for BL lumber...
> Tanis (closer to Madison, WI than Minneapolis, MN)

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