[NAFEX] Fruit trees for timber

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Black locust: chances are your neighbor's grove will eventually invade your 
property, so don't invest too much in new trees of your own.  Except maybe 
for genetic diversity.  BL are GREAT firewood, and the blossoms are good bee 
forage.  And I hear unsubstantiated rumors that there is a growing demand 
for BL lumber...

Tanis (closer to Madison, WI than Minneapolis, MN)

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>	Charles Paradise wrote:
>	> In an unrelated question, why are you planting common hardwood species 
>when you could be planting species such as Alnus Rubra, or Black Locust, 
>which would yield excellent wood but also improve the soil?
>	 We got financial assistance to plant trees that were "recommended" for 
>the site, and those are the oaks, ash, pine, and spruce, and that was a big 
>help in getting the plantings started.    I am getting some Black Locust 
>started in a corner of one field that is close to a neighbor with black 
>locust on his property, so I am not neglecting that tree.  I am not real 
>impressed with working wood from black locust, though, and we do like 
>working with apple, plum, etc., so that is why I asked about fruit woods in 
>	I appreciate everyone's remarks about planting trees so far.
>	Jim Erdman, in Menomonie, WI
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