[NAFEX] Fruit trees for timber

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Wed Mar 12 21:53:02 EST 2003

On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 10:58  AM, Lucky Pittman wrote:
> A number of the red-fleshed crab varieties have red/purple pigmented 
> wood, but again, I don't know how how stable that pigmentation is.  
> You might be able to graft them onto standard rootstocks , plant at 
> high stem densities, and do some pruning/training to encourage upright 
> growth?

I've often whittled a branch of crab apple that had a beautiful purple 
or red tint when "green".  The color always faded as the wood dried 
out.  My sticks all came from the same tree, so I suppose some other 
might be different.  But I was disappointed the first couple of times.

> There have been some outfits in the recent past who've been pushing 
> wild black cherry, P.serotina, as a timber tree, and marketing select 
> seedlings grown from selected parents with good timber type and fast 
> growth rates.

Black cherry is beautiful wood, and the fruit tastes nice, although 
there isn't much of it.


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