[NAFEX] Bud 9 and brittle graft unions

Joe Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Wed Mar 12 08:51:48 EST 2003

> Ginda,
> Can you elaborate on the reports of Bud 9's brittle unions, or direct 
me to 
> the discussion on this in applecrop please? Is this with just some 
> varieties, is this in windy areas, etc?
> (Wish there were some way to reply directly to an individual poster 
> than always to the group)

This topic is of interest to me.  Please keep it public.  Another 
question, have any cultivars been identified as having "brittle" graft 
unions?  I would expect that the more vigorous cultivars (i.e., 
Northern Spy, Mutsu) would have more highly stressed unions and might 
therefore appear more brittle.


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