[NAFEX] Pawpaws

philip sauber mrtejas at lycos.com
Wed Mar 12 06:56:33 EST 2003

I live near Beaumont and have several small paw paw trees.  
Two are named varieties from a place in Kentucky and one is a clump of seedlings I just dug up that originated from near the Sabine river here in Texas.  They are a long way from bearing.
When in the spring do yours bud out?
When in the fall do yours bear?
How do you rate the flavor?

On Tue, 11 Mar 2003 21:17:56  
 Victor Patterson wrote:
>    I have had pawpaws (15 trees) for about 10 years and was forced to
>plant them close together. I have three different types from the large
>triloba to the dwarf. I am not able to smell any foul odor unless get I
>my nose very close to one of the flowers. I must admit that my sense of
>smell is not as good as it once was but my wife has not complained and
>her sense of smell is very good. My trees are of southern heritage,
>seeds that I collected from wild groves and are grown near Houston,
>> Sgroppino Farms wrote:
>> Are there any folks on the list who've been successful growing Pawpaws
>> in colder climates (Zone 5)?  There was an interesting discussion
>> about these fruits on NPR earlier today and I'm interested in at least
>> trying a few plants up here in coastal Maine.  The thing that concerns
>> me most is that the flowers reputedly smell awful and need to be
>> pollinated by carrion flies, which may require nailing a dead possum
>> (or the equivalent) to a nearby tree to attract them.  How bad IS the
>> smell when they're in bloom?  Is it bad enough that Pawpaw trees
>> should simply not be planted near one's house?  What's a safe
>> distance?
>> Any/all feedback appreciated.
>> John
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