[NAFEX] Pawpaw pollination, early ripening tree source

miekal and dtv at mwt.net
Tue Mar 11 17:58:15 EST 2003

> John wrote:
> Are there any folks on the list who've been successful growing Pawpaws 
> in
> colder climates (Zone 5)?  There was an interesting discussion about 
> these
> fruits on NPR earlier today and I'm interested in at least trying a few
> plants up here in coastal Maine.  The thing that concerns me most is 
> that
> the flowers reputedly smell awful and need to be pollinated by carrion
> flies, which may require nailing a dead possum (or the equivalent) to a
> nearby tree to attract them.  How bad IS the smell when they're in 
> bloom?
> Is it bad enough that Pawpaw trees should simply not be planted near 
> one's
> house?  What's a safe distance?
> Any/all feedback appreciated.

I'm at a really different stage from most of the old timers here whove 
been growing for a zillion years.  For the last 3 or 4 years Ive been 
buying generic pawpaw seedlings & theyve winter killed every year.  
Last year I got PA Golden seedlings from John Gordon & an unnamed (but 
I believe selected) variety from Burnt Ridge.  Because Im on pretty 
heavy clay loam here & definite zone 4 I set up the area a little bit, 
used a bag of agricultural grade sulphur on the area around each & also 
used tree tubes.  Here in WI we're coming out of a solid 3-4 weeks of 0 
to minus 20 weather & they all look pretty fit.

Unfortunately I also germinated a couple trays of seeds but left em in 
the greenhouse during the mad dash to get everything squared away for 
fall freezes.  Typically I move all my first year seedlings into a cold 
basement & plant them out in the fall of the second year.


www.dreamtimevillage.org | zone 4

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