[NAFEX] Ailing red currant

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Mon Mar 10 22:44:07 EST 2003

Last spring I transplanted a Red Start currant.  I thought I'd done a 
good job of moving the roots, but later found quite a lot I'd left 
behind.  The bush sprouted out well, and flowered.  Being greedy, I let 
it fruit.  Some of the fruit dropped, and birds got the rest (I watched 
them under my netting carefully strip the berries.)  The bush went 
dormant shortly after that - well before the other currants.  I 
irrigated, but it was a dry summer and we were away for a couple of 

I'm worried the plant may be dead or in trouble.  The buds look dry 
while my other currants are beginning to show signs of life.  Although 
red currants are legal in my county, Massachusetts law is patchy, and 
few vendors will ship Ribes of any kind to Massachusetts because it's 
not worth it to them to keep track of the law.  (At least, I assume 
that's why.)  So it might be hard to replace the plant, which I like a 

Any advice on what I can do at this point to help it?

Ginda Fisher
eastern MA, zone 6

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