[NAFEX] June Sugar Pear

Anton Callaway marillen at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 10 19:24:26 EST 2003

I had 2 June Sugar pears in North Georgia (Zone 7).  The fruit ripened 
in late June to early July.  I found them inedible fresh, very dry flesh 
without flavor or juice, but quality is subjective and they might cook 
alright- I never bothered to try. 

It did ripen much earlier than the other 20+ varieties in my orchard.


 Needham Greg wrote:

> Does anyone have experience with (Lawson's) June Sugar Pear?  I have a 
> nice little tree of this cultivar that will soon be grown up enough to 
> bear fruit, and it occurs to me that I never asked anyone whether it 
> lives up to it's name- by actually ripening much earlier than the 
> other pears I know.  Pears around here (middle of North Carolina's 
> coastal plain; border of zone 7/8), at least the ones in my 
> experience, usually ripen late Summer.  This pear's friends in the 
> orchard are Magness, Seckel, Turnbull Giant, and a bradford pear 
> across the fence at my neighbor's place.  Thanks for any info!
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