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Dear John,

The smell of pawpaws does not travel too far from the tree--- least nothing like the fishy smell of hawthorns (Crataegus) that can scent your whole yard.  I wouldn't worry about it.

Some pawpaw cultivars are good to zone 4.  Make sure to choose plants of Midwestern provenance.  I think that your problem will be lack of summer heat, not cold.  perhaps planting them on the south side of a building would help if heat is, indeed, the most problematic issue for you.

North west coasters grow it without trouble--they may lack the heat near the coast, but then, they won't have to worry quite so much about the wood ripening before winter.

Steve Herje, Lone Rock, WI who is growing, but not yet fruited pawpaw seedlings in a USDA zone 3 climate, albeit with good summer heat.
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  Are there any folks on the list who've been successful growing Pawpaws in colder climates (Zone 5)?  There was an interesting discussion about these fruits on NPR earlier today and I'm interested in at least trying a few plants up here in coastal Maine.  The thing that concerns me most is that the flowers reputedly smell awful and need to be pollinated by carrion flies, which may require nailing a dead possum (or the equivalent) to a nearby tree to attract them.  How bad IS the smell when they're in bloom?  Is it bad enough that Pawpaw trees should simply not be planted near one's house?  What's a safe distance?

  Any/all feedback appreciated.


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