[NAFEX] what's wrong with runting out

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Sun Mar 9 19:00:35 EST 2003


Bonsai springs to mind. (smile)

You can bonsai grape;

> http://www.maskedflowerimages.com/12840f.jpg

You can bonsai pear;

> http://www.maskedflowerimages.com/14534f.jpg

Any plant or tree can be kept small.

Is your niece's tree in a container, or subjected to adverse growing conditions?


Ed Forest wrote:

> I have first hand experience with only one tree that has runted out, this
> belongs to my niece who let the tree overbear when young. It is, after three
> or four years only 2 feet high! But it bears apples ok apparently. (On Bud
> 9)
> My question is, does runting out, if later controlled by thinning, have any
> drawbacks other than possible unwanted size control? I think its kind of
> neat that she has a two foot tree that bears good apples.
> I'm wondering if this could be done to other trees to intentionally decrease
> their size. Has anyone tried this?
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