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Greg or Marie Jordan mgjordan at concentric.net
Sun Mar 9 09:37:21 EST 2003

As stupid as it sounds beat the trunk with a rolled up newspaper.  I had a
apple tree 20 years ago that was 5 feet tall at planting.  After 5 years it
was less than 6 feet.  After beat it, it started to grow as it should.
I've seen it work elsewhere also.
Greg Jordan
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> This response brings up a good point... what trees ARE subject to
> I let a ginger gold apple tree bear too early, and now I can't get it to
> grow at all.
> Other trees 10' away are doing fine.
> Any suggestions on a list or solutions to new growth.
> Steve
> Etters, PA
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> > I believe he is right: especially in trees that are subject to runting.
> > We are all impatient when it comes to fruit. So everyone should have a
> > "tree of the year" that he can pour his energy into - deciding
> > placement, creating the perfect hole, the perfect watering method,
> > perfect measurement of growth, etc. This will help keep his mind off of
> > last years plant so he can let mother nature work with it. There are so
> > many things you can do with a tree besides drooling at the thought of
> > your first crop. Rodney
> >
> > Thomas Olenio wrote:
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