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U.P. Hedrick says Lutie is a chance seedling found on the grounds of Dr.
L.C. Chisholm of Spring Hill, near Nashville, TN.  It was introduced in
1885.  It has a very hardy, healthy productive vine.  The fruit is red, but
of very poor quality.  When eaten straight from the vine, it isn't too bad,
but it becomes very strong and rank a few days after it has been picked.
   I've never had Lutie, but I have had Lucile, which is very similar, and
it's not a grape most modern palates would enjoy.
-Lon Rombough
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Is anyone growing the Lutie grape? I could not find that one in Lon's book.
Any description will be helpful. The nurseryman here says he got it from his
mom's place.
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