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Tom, I hope you were able to access my website for the bit of information I
have on Tinsley Quince.  The question you raise in your last post relates
directly to why I have made the effort to post the descriptions that you
will find there.  It would be wonderful if pomological enthusiasts in
different areas could relate their experiences with various cultivars and
that would make this chat line really worthwhile instead of lapsing into the
often banal discussions and postulations that sometimes seem to dominate it.
The effort that I am making is presently somewhat rudimentary and a bit
academic, but I hope to maintain and expand it with direct experiences from
the field.  That said, the information I garner will be specific to central
Virginia.  It is fascinating I think to reflect on the differences that
climate or "terroir" make to apple quality. We are living, to borrow a
phrase, in the best of times and the worst of times...we have enormous
quantities and qualities of fruit available, but part of the  price we have
paid is that much of it is less than distinctive.  All of us harbor the
dream of being particular and distinctive in some respect, and one thing
that drives all of those who subscribe to this list is the notion that there
is something better out there and that we can contribute to its discovery,
or support.

There are not quite 200 varieties posted on my website, but I am dedicated
to expanding on those descriptions as time and experience permit.  I hope
some of the rest of us may do the same.  If anyone has experience with any
of the cultivars, I list there, I would be happy to add that description to
what I have.  I remember you remarked you bought a Tinsley Quince last
year...tell me how it does for you, and I will post it to share with our


Charlotte Shelton
Vintage Virginia Apples LLC
P. O. Box 210
North Garden, Virginia 22959

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of an online database that helps people find apple
varieties that may appeal to them?

A new member asked the other day about apple selection, and named a
couple of varieties indicating that were reported as above average in
taste.  Taste being so subjective, this got me to thinking of a database
that would aid in variety selection.

The user would need to answer a number of questions regarding;
Hardiness, Color (outside), Color (inside), Crispness, Texture,
Aromatics, Sugar content, Acid content, Cooking apple, Dessert apple,
Cider apple, Storage apple, Harvest date, Disease resistance, Ease of
care.  Then they would submit the form and the database comes back with
a number of varieties that they should investigate.

It may prove to be an interesting feature for NAFEX, but most probably a
commercial nursery would be the better author.  Though they would most
likely limit the database to their available stock, which would be very

Possibly, such a search database already exists.  Anyone know of such a
database?  It need not be limited to apples either, aiding in the
selection of all fruit varieties.


Canada plant hardiness zone 5b
Southwest Ontario

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