[NAFEX] sprouting seeds

Cox SMTP central lutesville at cox.net
Thu Mar 6 05:11:28 EST 2003

Thank you for the response. My seeds had indeed been in the frodg long enough to
just start sprouting.

I had left them in a drawer with some blueberry cuttings that I need to get set
out this week. I seem to remember rinsing the seeds in a very dilute clorox
solution before putting them in the drawer, hoping to stave off any mold or
other problems. And the temperature fluctuations and gasses present in the
fridge may have had something to do with sprouting, I really don't know. It
doesn't seem very likely though, since they were in a drawer that rarely gets


> Not that I know - the seeds simply had been stratified long enough to start
> sprouting.

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