[NAFEX] sprouting seeds

Gordon Nofs gc_nofs at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 5 10:13:40 EST 2003

I seen the seedsavers on TV yesterday in another program and it showed how 
they process there seed. They put seed in a container because like tomatoes 
they are covered with a slime or other substance that keeps them from 
sprouting while in the vegetables. They leave in the hot outdoors till a 
mold covers the top of the whole container. This breaks down the slime and 
the can be strained put in (They use) coffee grounds strainers and let set 
to dry. Then they are packaged and put in refrigerated places.
    Gordon C. Nofs

 > >I was looking for something in the fridg a little
 > while ago and discovered
 > >a
 > >cup
 > >of cherry seeds I had put in last summer. There was
 > some gray fuzzy stuff I
 > >assume must be mold, and all the seeds looked to be
 > sprouting, with some
 > >roots
 > >almost an inch long. Can these be saved? I am
 > amazed they still had enough
 > >moisture in them to sprout.
 > >
 > >Joyce

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