[NAFEX] Edible Honeysuckle Info

Dean Kreutzer deankreutzer at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 5 10:11:43 EST 2003

Some testing into the Edible Honeysuckle is being done at the University of 
Saskatchewan.  "Blue Bell" was probably the best tasting of the 4 "OLD" 
cultivars that was tested.  However, in Siberia, where they originated, I 
have heard that they use these cultivars only for ornamental reasons.  There 
have been many new cultivars released since "Blue Bell" with immensely 
higher quality fruit.  The U of S imported some plants and they are testing 
them now.

Here are a few interesting characteristics:
- OPEN fruit blossoms are reported to be hardy to -7C!
- The fruit ripen before strawberries.  Up here, this equates to a
  bloom time of 1st week in May, and ripen time in mid-june.
- Hardiness to -40C.
- Dwarf growing, to 6' high and 6' wide.
- Not self-fertile.  Need to plants of different cultivars to pollinate.
- Long, cylindrical shaped fruit, Over 1" long, .25" in diameter.
- Some say, "Blueberry-like taste", but I disagree.

Regina, Saskatchewan Canada
USDA Zone 2/3

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