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My experience was different.  I used a cheap 1 gallon (1/2 gal?) tank, 
and didn't come close to using up all that I'd mixed with one cover of 
all my apples.  I didn't want to use it on other stuff, because I have 
a lot of spiders and other predators, and don't want to disrupt their 
home.  So I left the rest in the sprayer.  I figured that clay is 
pretty stable, and it would probably keep.

A couple of weeks later I used it again.  I agitate by picking up the 
canister and shaking hard, rotating between rightside up, upside down, 
and side-to-side.  In short order, I had a nice suspension again, which 
I had no trouble spraying, and which dried to the same dusty white as 
the first use.

Ginda Fisher

On Tuesday, March 4, 2003, at 02:11  PM, Terence L Bradshaw wrote:
> Can you save the spray mix over the weekend in the sprayer or a
> bucket to use later, with no reaction or breakdown taking place
> (other than with the sticker-spreader)?
> It won't break down, but it will settle out.  I left some in a spray 
> tank overnight and the settled clay plugged the intake line, drain 
> plug, and was a bear to get mixed back up.  Mix it and sprat it 
> immediately, unless you can keep it agitated.
> When mixing it in small loads:  I have always sprayed it in a tank 
> with at least 35, usually 50 gallons at a time.  I nearly fill the 
> tank, then add the material slowly with the agitation on.  
> Occasionally I will have to shut the pump down and clean out the 
> strainer...one grower I know takes all filter screens out when using 
> it, although that is not necessary.  It may be helpful to premix it 
> before adding it to the sprayer, but if you don't use enough water it 
> will turn into a sludgey mess. Once I get my home orchard planted this 
> year and start using it with "homeowner" type spray equipment, I will 
> have to fine-tune my strategy.
> Glad to help with any other question.
> Terence Bradshaw        
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