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Your rap is a bit thin. Pay your dues. Tain't that hard. eh


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Don Yellman wrote:


> There is no law against participation by non-members of NAFEX on the
> message board when they have some useful or interesting information to
> offer.  But it would seem that suggestions for fundamental changes in
> the organization, or comments on its financial condition, should only be
> expected from persons who are currently members.  It's only $15.
> Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

Hello Don,

I was a member of NAFEX for a couple of years and still would be if there
were not problems paying
for said membership.  Being in Canada it is difficult to pay in U.S. funds
when NAFEX refuses to
accept checks (in U.S. dollar checking accounts) from Canadian banks.  That
is the only reason I am
no longer an official member.

I do wonder why you choose to bring this private matter up On-List, and
worry about the privacy of
records maintained by NAFEX, who has access to these records, and how they
may use these records

This affects everyone.

I am not angry, just very curious as to why you would do this.


Canada plant hardiness zone 5b
Southwest Ontario

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