[NAFEX] Pomona in PDF

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Mon Mar 3 13:26:48 EST 2003

A 12:09 03.03.03 -0500, vous avez écrit :
>private about the membership list.  I am sorry you have had trouble 
>transferring funds to pay for a membership, but many other Canadian 
>members seem to manage.

Sorry to put my nose in this issue, but I would just like to mention that
it might become more and more expensive for canadians to make checks in US
$. For my part, I recently learned that my bank is going to charge 1 US$
administration fees a month to keep my account in US$ - this is becoming
expensive for an account that is only used about once a year for sending a
check to USA. Result is that I am considering closing this account.

So, I, and possibly others, might end-up in the same situation than Tom.

Current tendency for banks is to always increase fees...

On the other hand, electronic payments by credit cards work very well
across the border and do not carry administrative fees. We use less and
less checks and more credit card...

A good move for NAFEX would be to accept payment by credit card - Tom and
possibly many others would then rejoin.

Claude Jolicoeur, Quebec (Canada)

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