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Mr F. Bunny,

I agree that the faster we go the behinder we get.  How much of our current 
e-info (AND books) will be around & in good shape & translatable centuries 
from now, like some of the ancient stone- & clay tablets are today ?

The best we can do is to keep the info ALIVE by using, learning, & teaching 


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>Re: PDF’s
>The archive of technological innovation is filled with examples of 
>“superstar” products that had a “day in the sun” only to disappear. 
>  When is the last time you found anything capable of opening a Wang 
>document, a WinStar, WordStar document, or how about Wordperfect 5.1?   For 
>a very modern example converting between Word and Ami Pro?   I cannot open 
>my Word 2 documents with Office 2000.    In fact I have disks of excellent 
>articles that are useless because of technological obsolescence.  Ah, but 
>always people explain how this time it is different, how product x is the 
>defacto standard…well I have one question for you, what are you planning 
>on watching your VHS tapes on in 15 years?
>I love Adobe products, the indexing, and the search capabilities.   But in 
>the end it is a technology that is defined in a technological environment.  
>  Technological advance clearly illustrates that the technological 
>environment will change, and the cost of converting and bridging 
>technologies is prohibitive for non-commercial ventures.
>Wishing you all the best,
>The fluffy bunny
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