[NAFEX] Pomona in PDF

Rodney Eveland Reveland at WYOMING.com
Sun Mar 2 17:04:39 EST 2003

>As far as cost is concerned, it is only the Adobe Acrobat reader that is 
>free--the program to post articles costs big bucks. And there would be 
>additional costs for archival storage, with the risk that a change of 
>servers or a new virus could wipe out archives. (Not an imaginary danger. 
>There was some European travel magazine that lost its store of archived 
>photos a couple years ago when the Love Bug virus hit.)

All of that may be true however archived data can also be stored on
CD-ROMs which would not only protect the data from viruses but also is a
very convenient method of making data available. I wouldn't mind paying
for a copy of all the past Pomonas in PDF format shipped to me on a
CD-ROM. That way I could print out 15 or more hard copies of various
articles and then go lay ny the fire with a glass of wine and read, and
dream........ Shucks I'd even except the articles in ordinary text

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