[NAFEX] New NAFEX member suggestion for Pomona

Keith Benson kgbenson at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 2 10:06:29 EST 2003

loneroc wrote:

>I  don't really object to the notion of accessing each new issue of Pomona
>on the web--if computers bugged me I wouldn't be 'chatting' now.  I still
>would want to have hard-copy back-issues, though.  Sometimes I grab an old
>Pomona or two and curl up by the fire.  Makes great winter reading! You
>can't do that with a lap-top.
This is why the computer will not replace the book for a good long time 
(until we are replaced by all these kids whio are more comfortable with 
a screen than a printed page.  I use a computer all the time - but 
nothing beats a book. However . . . .

>Perhaps we could charge two rates--one electronic, another for hard copy
Make it even simpler:  People who pay dues can have both, and opt not to 
receive the paper version.  Something like the Cooks Illustrated 
webpage.  If you sign up for the mag, you can have access to the website 
and all the articles there.

>You could even conceive of a premium deluxe (platinum?) level
>where subcribers get Ed Fackler to help 'em with chores.
Would this include pruning lessons for the neophytes??  If so, I am in!

>  Seriously, though.
Whadday mean "seriously though" . . . you weren't serious??

>You'd confuse people  by doing this.  Or would you?
Nah - people are fairly bright, and the people on this list are above 


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