[NAFEX] Pomona in PDF

miekal and dtv at mwt.net
Sun Mar 2 09:23:19 EST 2003

On the mac most programs you can print to pdf (rather than to the 
printer)  automatically at the press of a button or else you can export 
to pdf distiller which does the best job of making compact files.  The 
great thing about pdf of course is that if there is something you do 
want to print out, it can be specified by page number & should (if its 
set up correctly) print out pages that would look almost identical the 
existing Pomona.


On Sunday, March 2, 2003, at 08:17 AM, Ed Forest wrote:

> I would prefer to recieve my file of Pomona in pdf format in order to 
> save on paper and fuel in shipping.
> I think the key is "choice". I don't think that there would be a 
> problem with people being worried about their contributions being 
> pirated since they could be emailed to members only.
> But then I don't know the amount of extra work it might involve, but 
> it might be recovered in savings in mailing costs.
> Kevin B
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