[NAFEX] figs,mulberry and jujuge oh my!

Sam Franc franc at oregonfast.net
Thu Jun 26 00:18:46 EDT 2003

Needham Greg wrote:

> Oh no!  Try corresponding with Lon R.- he has fruited jujube in 
> Oregon, though I don't know if it was maritime, and might be able to 
> help you!  Might be you would need to pick your earliest cultivar, put 
> it in a heat-absorbing pot in the most hot, sunny and punishing 
> summer-like spot you have, with southern exposure and something to 
> reflect heat onto the plant during the day and release some heat at 
> night...  just some thoughts.  I know my jujubes have not liked being 
> planted in less than the hottest and sunniest spot I have- they 
> survived but never fruited if put in half-sun or a cooler spot.  
> Sorry, but I hope there is still hope!
> Greg 

I have to face the facts.
Ron lives in a much hotter climate in the valley.
He can grow all sorts of stuff there.
He might even get away with some oranges or at least kumquats.
But not here.


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