[NAFEX] Plum discussion

Kieran and Donna redherring at tnaccess.com
Fri Jun 20 21:07:46 EDT 2003

I grafted a bunch of plums to a peach that blooms too early.  Two years
later, a lot of them bloomed, and a frost killed off all the blossoms except
for AU Amber, but I wasn\t gonna drag out the sprayer for one branch of
plums, so the curculio have gotten them all.  Also, the peach tree is
experiencing a lot of dieback, first in some of the plums, now in other
branches.  I suppose it could have borers, but I wonder if a virus in just
one of the grafts could have messed up the whole tree.  No great loss, but I
had hoped to have a lot of plums off it as it was no good for anything else.
I'd like to try AU Amber here as it did so much better than anything else.
I have two native plums that had some flowers survive too, all sweet
cherries and and peaches wiped out by the freeze.  Not even a very late or
cold freeze, just happened when then flowers were most vunerable.  A couple
of weeks later and they probably would have stood it fine.   Donna

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